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Digital artist

Marianne Mettler M.A.  (*1964)

Digital Artist , lives and works in Zürich Switzerland

Studies for Set Desing, Multimedia and Film in Vienna and Zurich

Playing with space and light fascinate the work of Marianne Mettler as the time when she was a set designer. Spinning spaces out of the dark and transforming them into an abstracted, sensuous color space corresponds to the tightrope walk of the artist between approach and alienation.

In her artistic beginnings she’s strongly influenced by this experience. Digital image worlds are created in rich, light-intensive colors. She experiment with different digital tools to bring transparency and luminosity into her picture worlds.

The exploration of the medium of photography and the moving image are currently her working place. Photography and video work influence each other.

A longer journey across Iran characterizes the further artistic work of Marianne Mettler. After her return, she makes a stylistic change to the abstract figurative.
The artist deliberately surpassed all conventions with her portrait art to find new formulations. An important leitmotif that form the basis of her artistic approach is "The VERBORGENE - The VISIBLE ".

In her art world, she’s increasingly an actor, because only she can convey the personal mood. In expressive close-up, Mettler stage her emotional worlds.
Each self-contained project has its own development history and the corresponding color and tool selection for the project. She work conceptually. All the pictures are mental images and each picture need a development phase. Each completed work is part of a creative process that defines new goals. 

Image Marianne Mettler

Marianne Mettler

Exhibition SOLO Word fail Me


SOLO, 2017

Exhibition Between || US (The distance)

 Between || US (The distance) , 2015

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