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Curator Angela Matarise

Angela Matarise is an Italian art historian, freelance curator and writer born in Zürich and currently based in Zürich, where she is curator at WestArt136 Gallery. She holds in 2012 an M.A. in art history and contemporary art from La Sapienza University in Rome with a master’s thesis on Christoph Schlingensief. She has worked for various institutions including Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome and she had an internship in the redaction of the magazine “Arte e Critica”. In 2010 she participate at the set up of the exhibition of Carlos Amorales “Remix” at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Rome).

She has recently contributed translations (DE-IT) for the catalogues and the panels of the exhibition Leonforte/Laufenburg: Geteilte Erinnerungen at the Museum Shiff in Laufenburg (Aargau).

Freelance curator

Angela Matarise

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