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JUNE 15 - 22, 2017

WestArt136 Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of this new Art Space with the exhibition Solo, ten works on paper by Zurich-based artists Marianne Mettler and Tibor Foeldes, on view at the Westrasse 136 from June 15 – 22, 2017. This is the first exhibition of the WestArt136 Gallery in Zurich.

Mettler’s works follow the legacy of a non traditional self-portrait, which means the intention to capture the artist's likeness by exposing her inner state. In this case the oeuvre is a self-representation through a manifestly expressionist style. The works contents five portraits of the artist in which she is the

subject that is enacting a series of different actions but no one of this revealed the whole being of the entire work.

The - artist as subject - theme also appears in Marianne Mettler’s video-installation Words fail me, where te artist used gain his own body as a medium and performs differents moods and emotions. This work is an autobiographical

performance that incorporated a political critiques from a feminist perspective. This world, our world, is suffering and the artist shows how the human being can turn, at the end, the fear into power.

The exhibition includes also several illustrative works on paper from the Zurich-based artist Tibor Foeldes which are

relates to the rise that the artist realized in 2016 in Iran and Spain. Foeldes has created a population of non-sense object

that interacted with specific forms of natural terrain. The spectator has in front of his eyes a variety of earth-markings as

an evidence of a performative interactions between different objects and the panorama of the whole space.

Despite showing a common concern, both artists approach the themes in a totally different way.

On her side, Mettler’s work demonstrates an interest in the ever growing digital technology, where the roots of the present

are deep in the past of the history of art, reminiscents of Body Art, Fluxus, Dada, Art Brut and other recent forms of Neo-


For his part, Foelde’s digitalised landscapes, he creates a “meta” reality that depicts synthetic panoramas that aim to

offer new perspectives of our natural habitat. The goal of the artist is to inspire those who see the works to look more

carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in unusual places with the simple creative acts of walking and

marking a place, a locality.

Marianne Mettler (*1964) lives and works in Zürich Switzerland. Studies for Set Desing, Multimedia and Film in Vienna

and Zurich.

Tibor Foeldes (*1957, Bratislava) lives and works in Zurich Switzerland. Studies of Architecture, Design and Set Design

for Film in Pressburg and Budapest.

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